About Us

Veni Vita Health, the company that owns brands like Herbasist and has run various businesses in different areas of the health industry for many years, is now operating the Veni Vita Health - www.venivitahealth.com Health range in the field of “Wellness"" since 2020.
Veni Vita Health also, represents world-famous brands in Turkey, develops dietary supplements, functional food and dermo-cosmetic products. The company is the owner of “Herbasist” and “Beaute-in” brands, and currently represents the products of Caviar of Switzerland in Turkey.


Develop products that support healthy living, raise awareness of "wellness" for a good life in society, and offer natural supplements in the broadest extent by constantly investigating customer requirements.


Become a reliable, environmentally sensitive, and sought-after brand in 5 years by doing research and development studies, and creative works in the field of well-being solutions.

Social Responsibilities

We believe that Women's Labor is very valuable. We have confidence in women, and will stand by them and support them in the pursuit of social development. In this regard, we are in cooperation with “Kadınların Emeği Platformu www.kadinlarinemegi.com

We believe in the importance of supporting the young, the future of society. We are in collaboration with “Askıda Ne Var” to be there for the young in all kinds of activities where we will mentor or coach, and support them in their career.

Herbasist, commenced the “Nefesim Nefesin Olsun” project with pharmacies in cooperation with "Kistik Fibrozis Yardımlaşma ve Dayanışma Derneği", to provide information on Cystic Fibrosis, and raise awareness in society. For further information visit www.nefesimnefesinolsun.com